"Wholesalecrafts.com saved us from the technical nightmare of setting up our own web site for wholesaling online. The target buyer was exactly who we were after, and advertising in Wholesalecrafts.com's Buyer's Guide catalog brings immediate, track-able response. This is critical for small companies with limited advertising dollars. And now, the ACRE show is showing true promise of becoming another great event to bring all the like-minded buyers and sellers together in place to make business for everyone easier!"


John & Heather Zondervan

Metallic Evolution

"Since joining Wholesalecrafts.com, I have more than doubled my accounts, averaging over 200 hits per month. Taking out the weekly newsletter Featured Items has really helped circulate my work, as well as the Buyer's Guide and co-op ads - a deal worth taking. Within my first week on Wholesalecrafts.com, I not only re-couped my yearly fee, but doubled the profit as well. I spent way more than the yearly fee of Wholesalecrafts.com on show applications alone, not to mention, travel and time away from the studio."


Charlene Randolph

CAR Ceramics

"Wholesalecrafts.com is my number one tool! Through Wholesalecrafts.com I have been able to change my business from regional to national. I get to stay home and work! What could be better? I am impressed with the quality of galleries and gift shops that are carrying my work. I just shipped orders off to Florida, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Massachusetts from my studio in rural Washington state. I can live anywhere I want and make a living! I am very happy and impressed with the design of the site."


Ruth Apter

One Hundred Horses

"By joining Wholesalecrafts.com my business has grown tremendously! I love it! People all across the United States contact me to let me know they appreciate my work and they found me because of a card or print that someone had sent them. Wholesaling has been a good choice for exposure of my work to a larger audience than I could have reached at this point in my career."


Patricia Saunders-White

Convertible Art Studio


"Wholesalecrafts.com has given me a great forum for wholesaling my jewelry. Wholesalecrafts.com's many advertising opprtunitues give me a lot of choice. I can decide on what works for my market and budget, and I especially enjoy the artist and photography discussion boards - an unbelievable source of information, feedback and support. I have streamlined my entry into wholesale by utilizing all of Wholesalecrafts.com's services. I am participating in their ACRE trade show, my first one! Wholesalecrafts.com is always thinking forward and is innovative. This keeps me on top of the market."


Jil Streed



"Wholesalecrafts.com has helped my business in three simple ways. First, I get new and repeat buyers directly from the web site. Additionally, I get new buyers who buy from me at the wholesale shows after finding me on the web site and flagging my products as good potentials. Last but not least, the Wholesalecrafts.com staff has worked hard to make potential buyers aware of their site, and to keep it a good value for the artists as show, jury, and travel costs rise in tandem step with gas prices."


Tripp Gregson


"Wholesalecrafts.com has gotten my name and my craft out to a national audience. Wholesalecrafts.com has helped me establish who my target market is and how to best reach them. They've done all the ground work for me. I can spend most of my time focused on designing and order fulfillment."


Kelly C. Torres

Kelly Colleen